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    Product Overview

    K+S KALI GmbH offers a wide range of industrial raw materials which include high-grade Potassium Sulphates, Potassium Chlorides as well as Magnesium Chlorides and Magnesium Sulphates.

    Our products are available in several grades, special particle size and different packaging units.

    The following pages contain information on the specifications and the main areas of application of the various products. Existing certificates and technical bulletins are available for download.


    Brands for the industry

    Products for the industry

    Productgroup Product  

    Epsom Salt

    Epsom Salt pure, technical Details
    Epsom Salt pure, technical, fine crystalline Details

    Potassium Sulphate

    Potassium Sulphate approx. 95 % K2SO4 Details
    Potassium Sulphate approx. 97 % K2SO4 Details
    Potassium Sulphate 99.6 % K2SO4 technically pure Details
    Potassium Sulphate 99.9 % K2SO4 chemically pure Details
    Potassium Sulphate `Special fine′ Details

    Potassium Chloride

    Potassium Chloride 99 % KCl Details
    Potassium Chloride 99.3 % KCl technically pure Details
    Potassium Chloride 99,9 % KCl chemically pure Details
    Potassium Chloride 99 % compacted (in bulk) Details

    Magnesium Chloride Solution

    Magnesium Chloride Solution Details

    Magnesium Sulphate

    Magnesium Sulphate Anhydrous Details


    k-Drill® Details
    k-Drill® C6 Details
    k-Drill® C9 Details
    k-Drill® M Details
    k-Drill® S7 Details
    k-Drill® S9 Details


    MAXXsolute® Details
    MAXXsolute® for Dust Binding Details
    MAXXsolute® for Winter Road Maintenance Services Details

    Further information

    Product Data Sheets


    Complete overview of application areas

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