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    KaliSel: An Alternative to Table Salt

    KaliSel: Alternative für Speisesalz

    KaliSel with high-purity potassium chloride of natural origin is a certified food-grade product. The international food industry successfully uses KaliSel as a high-grade and cost-efficient alternative to table salt.

    Table Salt Consumption is considered far too high

    Table salt – the chemical compound of sodium and chloride – is an indispensable nutrient and the most popular seasoning of all, worldwide.  In many countries however, the sodium intake is considered to be in excess. Already in 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended to limit sodium intake to a maximum of 2 grams per person per day; this amount is contained in just 5 grams of table salt, approximately one teaspoon. In reality, this limit is often surpassed; in many cases even doubled.

    Reducing Sodium in Foodstuffs

    KaliSel has proven to be an excellent alternative to sodium chloride, allowing manufacturers to lower the sodium content of their products.. It consists of potassium chloride, a naturally occurring mineral, which is chemically close to sodium chloride. Therefore, KaliSel can be used as alternative in many food formulations, without causing any modifications of the product’s quality.



    KaliSel – an alternative to sodium chloride in food and for a more balanced nutrition



    The mineral potassium – vital to our body




    A Versatile and Valuable Source of Potassium

    Whether it’s bread or bakery products, processed meats and poultry, convenience food, dairy products, baby and infant food, or beverages: KaliSel is used in a wide variety of foodstuffs. In addition, it is used for carrageenan production. Among other applications, KaliSel can be used as processing agent or additive. In the human body KaliSel can serve as a source for the vital mineral potassium. It is therefore exceptionally well suited for fortification – the process of adding minerals to food.

    Certified Quality, State-Of-The-Art Production

    KaliSel is produced at our Zielitz plant, in accordance with internationally accepted quality standards. In 2009 we established one of the most modern facilities of its kind, specifically for manufacturing food-grade potassium chloride. In a complex process, the crude salts mined by our company are refined into high-purity KaliSel.  The production of KaliSel is audited by the SGS Institut Fresenius, in accordance with International Featured Standards (IFS) Food Version 6. In addition, KaliSel is certified in accordance with DIN EN 900 1ff, as being both kosher and halal.  The HACCP-system is used for quality control.

    Customer-Oriented Range and Expert Consultation

    KaliSel is available in 25kg-units or in Big Bags. In order to keep it free-flowing, an anti-caking agent is added to KaliSel – as it is done with many table salts. Customers can choose between two different anti-caking agents. As K+S KALI GmbH is both the manufacturer and the marketer, we are well prepared to take your individual requirements and market developments into consideration. Would you like to find out more about KaliSel? Please contact us – we’ll be delighted to help you.


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