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    Fertiliser  ?  

    Advisory service

    K+S KALI GmbH is synonymous with high quality speciality fertilisers and reliable consulting expertise, pertaining to all issues surrounding efficient crop fertilisation. Our research activities address the present and future challenges faced across agriculture. We invite you to use our knowledge for your success. more


    Targeted crop fertilisation

    Each crop has its own specific demands for the amount of fertilisation, the nutrient form and the most effective time of application required. Tap into our knowledge.  more

    Knowledge on nutrients and beneficial elements

    Without nutrients there is no growth. Find out more about the importance and the functions of the different nutrients.  more

    Deficiency Symptoms ABC

    Recognize at first glance the most common nutrient deficiencies.  more

    Fertilisation in organic farming

    For organic farming, special regulations apply. K+S KALI GmbH offers a wide range of approved and certified fertilisers.  more

    Chloride compatibility

    Chloride is one of the trace elements in plant nutrition. Depending on the culture, oversupply can be just as problematic as undersupply.  more

    Technical Articles

    In a nutshell. Specialists share their results and recommendations on fertilisation.  more


    ESTA? Kieserit and EPSO products – the most effective means of preventing magnesium and sulphur deficiencies.  more

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