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    About K+S KALI  ?  

    K+S KALI GmbH

    Potassium and Magnesium – Salts for Life

    Without the minerals potassium and magnesium life on this planet would not be possible. K+S KALI GmbH extracts these valuable salts from deep deposits and processes them into a variety of products:

    • Our fertiliser products help to ensure food security to a growing world population.
    • Our pharmaceutical salts are indispensable raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Used as dietary supplements, our salts provide necessary minerals to humans and animals all over the world.
    • Our industrial products contribute to safety, progress and wealth, on the entire planet.

    Unique deposits for premium products

    With a history of more than 130 years, K+S KALI GmbH has more experience than any of its competitors when it comes to extracting and processing potash-salts. Our unique deposits, which in addition to potash-containing minerals such as sylvine and carnallite also include magnesium compounds such as kieserite, supply valuable natural raw materials. Our products are certified in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 ff, and our high-purity salts for health care and nutrition are additionally audited by competent authorities and international institutions, in accordance with GMP-standards. We therefore guarantee premium products – “Made in Germany”.


    Everywhere: Partner to the region


    As an internationally active potash producer we are close to our customers, wherever they are. And we offer all of the benefits of a strong group of companies. 

    K+S KALI worldwide

    About K+S Group

    Working today to make life better tomorrow: Sustainable Corporate Management

    Responsible entrepreneurial activity, respect for nature and social commitment are crucial to our success.

    Our Sustainability Management


    A Unique Variety of Products

    Due to the special composition of the crude salt deposits we mine in Germany we are able to offer a unique and extensive range of products. This allows our products – among them a number of top-grade specialty products – to be used in a wide breadth of applications: for agriculture, for industrial and pharmaceutical purposes, as well as for human and animal nutrition.

    Practice-oriented Research and Sound Advice

    K+S KALI GmbH constantly reviews its extraction and processing procedures with reference to a sustainable use of resources. In addition, we invest in the ongoing improvement of our procedures and our products, and in testing new technologies and materials for improving all processes. One very important aspect of our research and development activities is the transfer of knowledge to practice, such as in agriculture: based on our research and on numerous field trials we offer highly individualised advisory services on fertilisation, to customers in Germany and abroad.

    Worldwide Supply Chain

    As we produce and market our own products we are able to react flexibly to changing demands and market developments. Shipments and volumes adapted to individual requirements, a certified quality assurance system as well as reliability and speed over the entire Supply Chain characterise our logistic system. Our products are shipped on the fastest and most economical way possible, per road, rail or ship. For shipments abroad we use our own transhipment facility, the potash quay (KALIKAI) at the Hamburg port.


    This is how we mine our potash and magnesium crude salts


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